Pre-employment & Employee Assessment Services

We provide over 250 different psychometric testing tools in areas such as Cognition, Complexity, Personality, Skills, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Integrity.

Identifying the best possible candidates for recruitment early on will save you time, money and resources!

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What is the main aim of our Assessment services?

In corporate recruitment, the goal is to accurately predict if a candidate will fit well with the company's culture and role, reducing the risk of a bad hire. This means looking beyond skills to ensure a candidate's qualities align with the company, minimising risks and setting a standard for smart hiring.

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Identifying the Best Possible Candidates

Assessments Help Mitigate Hiring Risk

  • Identifying the Best Possible Candidates.
  • Make Informed Hiring Decisions.
  • Save You Time, Money and Resources.
  • Objective, standardized way of gathering data on candidates during the hiring process.
  • Leverage assessment data to effectively prepare the new hire.

What sets Omnicor apart from other providers?

Over 20 Years of Experience in providing Tailored Assessments, and Human-Centric Expert Guidance.

  • We offer the widest range of Tools
  • Fast turnaround between completion and report
  • Value for money
  • Personlised service
  • Scientific in our approach
We offer the widest range of Tools

Get acquainted with your candidates using our extensive range of assessments & psychometric evaluation tools. Blend different assessments to uncover insights spanning various facets of an individual.

Our Assessments

Cognition ssessments

Cognition / Ability Assessments

Our Cognition/Ability psychometric tools are designed to gauge an individual's problem-solving prowess and reasoning capabilities in specific contexts. By measuring one's ability to analyze, synthesize, and apply information, these assessments provide invaluable insights into cognitive strengths and areas for development. Ideal for identifying potential in job candidates or guiding personal growth.

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Personality Assessments

Personality Assessments

Personality psychometric assessments offer a window into individuals' core preferences and behavioural tendencies at work. By exploring innate personality traits, these tools reveal how individuals naturally navigate their professional environment – from decision-making and problem-solving to interacting with colleagues. Understanding one's personality profile is instrumental in career development, team composition, and improving workplace dynamics, making these assessments a cornerstone of personal and organizational growth.

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Assessments are a complicated business

With lots of moving parts and a confusing array of options that can befuddle anyone unfamiliar with the landscape. Omnicor is there to help you navigate through this world.

There are countless ways to approach assessments, and on the surface, results can look impressive in glossy voluminous reports, assessments can just as often provide dis-information and be more dangerous than not using assessments at all.

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Assessments Types
The Cost of a Bad Hire

The Cost of a Bad Hire

When a candidate doesn’t fit the role’s requirements, the implications of a bad hire can be challenging to quantify. However, the impact on productivity, costs, morale, and company culture should be considered.

Here are some areas that may be affected:
Decreased Productivity, Increased Costs, Lower Morale, Damage to Customer Relationships, Increased Employee Turnover, Time and Resource Drain, Missed Opportunities, Damage to Company Culture etc...

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Your candidates can be tested in our professional environment, offsite or via remote supervision.


HR and managers are given comprehensive verbal feedback about your candidates. Candidates are also offered a face-to-face or online feedback session.


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How to prepare for your Psychometric Assessment

How to prepare for your Psychometric Assessment

Unlock your true potential: Mastering the art of psychometric assessments.

The Cost of a Bad Hire<

The Cost of a Bad Hire

Impacts and what you can do to protect your company